The Large Joint Stock (Public Limited) Company

Author: Korts, Petra / Korts, Sebastian
ISBN-No: 3-8005-4247-1
Publication: Recht & Wirtschaft Heidelberg;
Edition/Year: 1st Edition, 2005

The authors Petra and Sebastian Korts have added the new publication titled “The Large Joint Stock (Public Limited) Company” to their work “The Small Joint Stock (Public Limited) Company” which highlights the aspects that need to be taken into consideration if there is any possibility or even any intention of a small joint stock (public limited) company once founded growing into a large joint stock (public limited) company or indeed into a listed joint stock (public limited) company. The work gives a detailed insight into the company legal constitution of a joint stock (public limited) company, also from the particular viewpoint of a stock market listing at home and overseas.

As well as a detailed annotated sample statute and wording suggestions on the rules of procedure of the management and supervisory boards, the work thoroughly examines the current reforms of the German and the international stock and capital market laws. In particular one of the main issues of discussion is the stricter liability provisions concerning the supervisory and management boards which were established recently under the impact of the US-American Sarbannes-Oxley Act by law and by the Supreme Court in Germany. Furthermore, the subject of employees’ participation in the supervisory board is discussed. The work is therefore indispensable to all those companies that wish to prepare for the legal form of a large joint stock (public limited) company.

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