The European Joint Stock (und Co KG) Company to the example of a Limited Company (und Co KG)

Author: Korts, Sebastian
ISBN-No: 3-8005-4213-7
Publication: Recht & Wirtschaft Heidelberg;
Edition/Year: 1st Edition 2004

Mr Sebastian Korts, Lawyer, has published the work titled “The European Joint Stock Company (und Co. KG) to the example of a Limited Company (und Co. AG)”. Using the example of a British limited company, this work deals with the most recent issue of founding joint stock companies as well as the legal and fiscal situation of joint stock companies, which are being founded in accordance with the national laws of the EU-Member States and which are operative in Germany.

The work very clearly illustrates the company founding procedure right up to the necessary formalities of a German commercial register listing by using an actual example of a Ltd. und Co. KG company founded through the lawyer’s office of the author himself. The work comments in detail on the company legal constitution of the Limited company according to British law, as well as the respective Court Ruling of the European Court of Justice.

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